The Lincoln Navigator has long been the gold standard for luxury SUVs, and the new 2020 model is no exception. This is a vehicle with the presence, style, and elegance of an ocean liner and the performance-quality of a Swiss watch. Few vehicles demonstrate that you have arrived like the new Lincoln Navigator.

Power and performance

The Navigator's twin-turbocharged engine provides an impressive 450 horsepower, and its ten-speed transmission gives it the acceleration you need on the highway. When there's snow or mud on the roads of Longview, the Navigator's smooth suspension and optional four-wheel drive provide plenty of stability and power, and different drive modes give you the ability to adapt to the conditions at hand.

While the Navigator is classy enough to drive to a film premier, with its towing capacity of 8,700 lbs, it can haul a boat or trailer if that's what you need it to do in Napavine. It also has a backup-assist feature that is extremely handy if you're backing into a boat dock or elsewhere. Depending on how much cargo you're planning on carrying in the cabin, the Navigator comes with long and standard wheelbase options. Three rows of seats and plenty of legroom get you and your family where you need to go in comfort around Portland.

Technology and safety

Safety is where the new Navigator truly shines. With a standard blind-spot detection feature, you'll feel more confident when changing lanes in Chehalis. Furthermore, the pre-collision assist feature is designed to prevent forward crashes before they happen on the open road and give you the time you need to brake. When it comes to lighting, the headlamps automatically switch between high and low beams so that you're always provided the maximum amount of light that is safe to use.

To assist the driver, the Head-Up display shows pertinent information at the bottom of the windshield just above the dashboard in real-time. Furthermore, the light display adjusts for the amount of ambient light automatically so that your eyes remain on the road at all times in Kelso. The Head-Up display has many and varied useful options.

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